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2nd Annual

The must-attend online event for the technology community on AI, Machine Learning, RPA & automation.  Keynote talks, breakouts and an exhibition hall - all hosted live on a virtual platform. Free to attend for end users working in the industry - join us from anywhere in the world. 

 Thursday 27th August 2020 

 08:00 - 17:00 BST 

 Virtual Summit - this event will be delivered online. 

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The Virtual Summit

IA20 Logo Main 600 x 600 NO Background.p

The IA2020 Summit ON Thursday 27 August 2020 will be going ahead as a virtual event, delivered fully online.

The Virtual Summit will retain all of the main features of our standard conference programme - with keynote talks, breakouts and an exhibition hall - all hosted live on a virtual platform. We will also be running Q&A sessions to enable audience participation, and facilitating networking and business engagement opportunities over the course of the day. Not only will you be able to enjoy our full line-up of speakers - but you’ll be able to log-in remotely and join us from anywhere in the world.


The modern enterprise is becoming an increasingly automated environment: technological advancements in AI, Machine Learning and RPA are allowing organisations to improve business intelligence, streamline process and enhance productivity. Across the industry landscape operations are changing, from the automation of low-level administrative tasks to customer service Chatbots and complex self-regulating IoT systems.

The Virtual Summit will explore the real world practical value of Intelligent Automation. The programme will provide tangible examples and case studies demonstrating where IA technologies are being successfully deployed, while considering some of the most common challenges and organisational barriers and illustrating how they can be overcome.


Core Themes

  • Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Intelligence

  • Robotic Process Automation

  • Internet of Things, IIoT / Industry 4.0

  • Advanced analytics, Business Insight, Data-Driven Decision Making

  • Strategy, Deployment, Business Transformation, Scalability

  • Risk, Compliance, Security












DIGIT has rapidly grown into the largest independent business technology community in Scotland. We run an extensive series of conferences focused on core areas of emerging technology, Digital and IT. We now provide news, views and opinion via www.digit.fyi to over 30,000 users monthly

The events provide a unique platform for knowledge exchange, drawing stakeholders together to explore best practice, technological innovation and business outcomes. Our conferences attract a senior delegate following and have become renowned as an important forum for high-level networking.

We are delighted to announce that DIGIT will be running our 2020 conference programme in a virtual environment. Not only will you be able to enjoy our full events line-up - but you’ll be able to log-in remotely and join us from anywhere in the world.



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2020 Conference Agenda

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Provisional Agenda*

Thursday 27th August 2020

Session 1

The morning sessions will contextualise the advancement of intelligent technologies, exploring how AI, Machine Learning, IoT and Robotic Process Automation have evolved, and illustrating the impact across a range of industry verticals. The opening session will explore frontline insights from manufacturing, agriculture, and smart cities.


09:00   Welcome from the conference Chair

Mark Stephen, Journalist & Broadcaster, BBC Scotland

09:05   Smart Manufacturing: Real-World Examples and the Technology Driving Them

  • How AI, automation and robotics are transforming smart manufacturing and logistics capabilities

  • Real-world deployment at BMW automotive factories

  • Training robots to understand and operate in their environments

  • Autonomous navigation and applying different responses to people and objects

  • Exploring the technology used to design, train, develop, simulate and deploy

Sarah Mannion, Technology Evangelist, NVIDIA

09:20   Innovating IoT to Create Ideal Conditions for Life

  • Exploring the key technologies driving innovation in AgriTech

  • Utilising AI and ML to optimise plant recipes

  • Cross-sector application: innovating IoT systems in retail, horizontal horticulture, and car parks

  • Overcoming challenges: development, deployment and scalability

David Farquhar, Chief Executive Officer, Intelligent Growth Solutions


09:35   AI and IoT in Smart City Deployments

  • Crucial shifts in enabling tools and technologies

  • The value of better connections and data flows

  • Practical application of AI and IoT technologies in smart city developments

  • Tangible outcomes and impact

  • How analytics and AI will increasingly power future cities

Larissa Suzuki, Associate Professor, University College London

09:50   Combined Q&A

10:20   Break


Session 2

The second session will provide a series of case studies, providing a unique insight into the practical application of IA technologies across three different sectors; financial services, telecommunications and environmental monitoring.

10:35   Robotic Process Automation in Financial Services

  • Process Automation Journey

  • Robotic Process Automation

  • Process Automation CoE

  • Governance

  • Process Suitability

  • Use Case

​David McEnaney, VP: Process Automation Centre of Excellence, BlackRock 

11:05   Enabling Industry 4.0

  • Communications and connectivity as an enabler

  • Key technologies that are driving innovation in Industry 4.0

  • Purpose: goals, application and impact

  • Practical case studies

  • Challenges and barriers and how they are being addressed

  • The Future of 4.0: emerging technologies, ongoing developments, and what’s next

Steve Evans, CTO, Global Enterprise UK&I, Nokia


11:35   Leveraging ML and Satellite Data to Help Combat Climate Change

  • ​Exploring satellite data as an environmental monitoring resource

  • Using Machine Learning to deliver actionable insights to the data

  • Process and methodology

  • Key insights into understanding deforestation and environmental change

  • How insights are driving organisations to improve efficiency and respond

​Ed Mitchard, Chief Scientific Advisor & Co-Founder, Space Intelligence


12:05   Break

Session 3

Session 3 will host a series of breakouts from leading solution providers. Four breakout sessions will be run in parallel and delegates will select one breakout to attend live. The other breakout sessions will be available to watch on-demand post-event. 

12:20   Live Breakout Selection

Option A: How we learned to stop worrying and love AI and Automation.

  • In-the-trenches experience from day to day IT Operations

  • Sources of Knowledge used by IT Operations

  • Harnessing unstructured human-readable knowledge with NLP and NLU; automating intelligence. 

  • Building an universal rules engine for automation at scale

  • Automating security compliance auditing and reporting

  • Application and benefits of applying these methods for VMware and AWS technologies

Stan Markov, Co-founder and CEO, Runecast

Option B: The game’s afoot: IoT Discovery, Automation and Cyber Security in the new age of communication


  • Discover all IoT and OT assets and determine security risks and vulnerabilities

  • Best Practices for deploying IoT security to protect your devices within commercial and residential environments

  • Developing demarcation strategies in the home working environment – avoid overspill from the private residential IoT services to enterprise or corporate services

Mark Mitchell, Security Engineer, Check Point

12:50   Lunch, Exhibition & Networking


Session 4

The continued advancement of intelligent technologies holds significant socio-economic potential, but it also raises a number of challenges, from organisational implementation to policy, data protection, security and ethics. The closing session will examine the balance of innovation and risk and discuss how we can ensure implementation maximises the benefits and mitigates the dangers.


13:35   Balancing Innovation and Risk

  • Data protection law and the security principle

  • The balance organisations face when implementing AI & automation

  • The need for scalability and automation in infosec

  • The limits of automation

  • Regulating AI, what is ICO doing and thinking around AI

  • How do organisations approach AI governance and risk management

​Andrew Paterson, Principal Technology Adviser, ICO

13:50   Ethics and Accountability

  • Ethics by design in intelligent automation

  • Transparency and accountability

  • Decentralised vs centralised models

  • Mission creep and Boundaries

  • Communication and terminology

Claudia Pagliari, Director of Global eHealth, University of Edinburgh & Chair, National Expert Group on Digital Ethics

14:05   Ethical AI Implementation in Practice

  • 'AI for good' - what does this actually mean?

  • The triple bottom line

  • How do you put ethics into action?

  • Ethical frameworks and culture

  • Why should you concentrate on ethical implementation?

  • Ethics is the key to harnessing the full potential of AI

Olivia Gambelin, CEO, Ethical Intelligence

14:20   Combined Q&A

14:55   Closing Remarks

15:00   Exhibition

17:00   Close of Conference


*The agenda is provisional and subject to revision


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